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#ManifestoDialogue: CPP To Reject IMF and World Bank Policies if voted into Power

Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana / eTV Ghana
#ManifestoDialogue: CPP To Reject IMF and World Bank Policies if voted into Power

With just about 80 days to the National Election the three political parties that had their nominations qualified are going all out campaigning.

At eTV’s Manifesto Dialogue that to place at the Commonwealth Hall in the University of Ghana Legon Isaac Dadzie of the CPP was not happy about how the unemployment has grown in the country. He said “For Decades we have been destroying ourselves by creating the unemployment situation in the country”.

In his quest to prove that the CPP will not be the same as the other political parties he stated “There is no difference between John Mahama and Nana Addo, because they are both singing the same tune.”

With the manifesto of CPP not out yet Isaac Dadzie hinted the students of the University of Ghana that when CPP is voted into power they are going to make sure they implement policies that does not encourage private sector as the main development force for the country.

He also mentioned that CPP is going to reject IMF and World Bank Policies which the NDC have embraced in governing this country.

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