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Gifty Anti writes heartfelt letter to her ‘children’

Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana / eTV Ghana
Gifty Anti writes heartfelt letter to her 'children'

Gifty Anti, affectionately called Oheneyere has written an open letter to her ‘children’ on Instagram.

In the said letter Oheneyere thanked God for grace and cautioned them not to give up especially if things don’t go their way.

Read the full unedited text below:

letter to my ‘children’.

Dear Child,

Yes 2017 is here. We thank God for His Grace. I know you have many dreams, ambitions, expectations etc. You are full of hope and anxiety. You believe 2017 is Your Year. I thank God for your life my child. But please be cautiously anxious. Don’t get desperate when things don’t go your way. Don’t give up when you don’t succeed the first time. Trust me, I have had to try some things several times before I get it right. ????And some I still haven’t succeeded yet ????

Yes 2017 is a good year my child, but there will be challenges too. Nothing good will come easy my dear. You will have to work for it. You have to fight for it. You have to be ready for it. You have to constantly add value to yourself. My beloved child, never be complacent in 2017. Never ever go ahead of God. Let God always lead you. Pray about everything and commit it to God. You will go through the valley of the Shadow of death sometimes, but God will be with you. My darling, I don’t know what Tomorrow Holds, But I know who holds Tomorrow. God will see you through the year 2017. Don’t be afraid. My dear, don’t forget to be humble, respectful, kind, giving and compassionate in 2017. Be patient, tolerant and understanding too. Remember my child, God has got you covered inside out. He will never leave nor forsake you. I hope this letter from me will help you position yourself properly for 2017. And remember to smile always because you are beautiful, my dear. I love you to bits and I am proud of you. Love always, OGA, the woman with super Crazy Faith in God.

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