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10 unsexy ways to make him go crazy over you

Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana / eTV Ghana
10 unsexy ways to make him go crazy over you

Make your husband go against all odds to spend time with you, fall madly in love and respect you by doing these simple things.

Sometimes you have to think sensuality, not sexuality to make your man fall madly in love you.

Setting the bedroom ablaze certainly does the magic but there are everyday little things you can do to bring an extra spark and reignite the love each passing moment.

These things will make him feel special, loved and appreciated.

  • Dedicate his favourite song to him on the radio and tell him how much you love him.

  • Compliment him via text every hour all day while he is work.

  • Tuck a sexy note in his wallet. Letting him know how much you look forward to seeing him in the evening.

  • Accompany him to the barbering shop in sexy dress. He will feel like the best husband of the year.

  • Prepare his favorite dish and dine with him under the moon.

  • Buy him a gift, something he can use daily to constantly remind him how lucky you is to be his wife.

  • Always buy his toiletries. Some men simply feel lazy to go shopping.

  • Wash his underwear and socks and buy new ones every two months.

  • Take sexy pictures of him doing house chores.

  • Massage him every day before he sleeps


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