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Undertaker confiscates corpse for unpaid services

Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana / eTV Ghana
Undertaker confiscates corpse for unpaid services

There was a creepy incident at the Tema Community Nine Public Cemetery last Saturday when an undertaker reportedly stormed the graveyard to demand an outstanding debt of Gh¢40 from relatives of a deceased for services he rendered.

The undertaker had prepared the body of the male elderly man at the Tema General Hospital Mortuary for burial and after family members failed to pay the balance, he stormed the cemetery to demand his money.

After a failed attempt to collect the balance owed him, the undertaker reportedly confiscated the body of the deceased from family members who had gone to the cemetery and with the help of an assistant, carried it shoulder high with the intention of returning it to the morgue.

The spooky moment reportedly sent mourners and bystanders running while the brave ones filmed the incident with their cell phones.

Photos and videos of the incident were later published on the internet.

An eyewitness, Madam Yaa Agyeiwaa, a trader at the Tema Community Nine Market, which is near the cemetery said that the undertaker was said to have charged Gh¢150 from the family members to prepare the body.


However, the family members who had earlier agreed to pay Gh¢150 refused to pay the entire amount and on the blind side of the undertaker, while he prepared another body, they sneaked the deceased out of the hospital and headed straight to the cemetery.

The situation was said to have forced the undertaker to storm the Tema Community Nine public cemetery where the burial was to take place to demand his money.

The eyewitness said when they initially failed to pay, the undertaker accompanied by an assistant, unscrewed the casket, removed the body and carried it shoulder high to take away but after some pleadings, the balance was paid to pave way for the burial.

When the Tema General Hospital Mortuary was visited, the Morgue Manager as well as the head of security said the facility had nothing to do with it adding that it was a private arrangement between the undertaker and the deceased family.

Checks from the facility indicated that the body was picked from the hospital straight to the cemetery for burial after the undertaker had finished his duty of preparing the body.

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